As a career and change coach, I have centered my business around life and career transitions for individuals and professional and organizational transitions and professional training for groups. My strengths-based approach grounds all of my services in the social aspects of life and career. Some of my coaching services include career transition, school-to-work, school-to-college, coaching the educator, coaching the coach, coaching the trainer, and transitions requiring re-socialization.

My strengths-based approach to coaching is grounded in Positive Sociology (PS). I am trained as a sociologist. Positive Sociology has its origins in Positive Psychology. PS steps away from the focus on social problems and focuses on how social processes and social institutions construct happiness, success, positive change and human growth. Positive Sociology as a theoretical framework for the practice of coaching orients a coach to be able to help individuals organize their lives and careers in such a way that becomes substantially rewarding, satisfying and fulfilling. Also PS aligns the practice of coaching for the coach to be able to help social groups organize their social actions in such a way to become substantially rewarding and productive. Through the use of PS, I intend to assist individuals and groups through transition processes by focusing on an individual’s strengths and a groups’ natural dynamics.

I have over 7 years of teaching, training, and coaching experience. I have over 4 years of program evaluation experience. Some of my coaching and training experience includes teaching and training pre-service teachers, college students, and military and academic professionals. I have a PhD in Education (Adult and Teacher Education, Social Science Research) from Arizona State University, masters in Humanities and Women’s Studies, and a bachelors in English-Professional and Creative Writing.

[My previous site was research-methods-etc.org, but I have removed this blog. If you would like a copy of any post from this previous blog, please email me with a specific request. Thank you for your support of my research blog.]

Dr. Sheila Fram article in the Gaithersburg Town Courier

April 14, 2016

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Gaithersburg Germantown Chamber of Commerce Member

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